Heart of Darkness

My entry for the Folio Society competition. I designed a binding and illustrated three scenes from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

My design was selected as one of 6 short-listed finalists for this competition. http://www.houseofillustration.org.uk/news/latest-news/shortlist-announced-for-the-book-illustration-competition-2014
Binding Design
AVE! Old knitter of black wool. MORITURI TE SALUTANT. Not many of
those she looked at ever saw her again—not half, by a long way.
I found nothing else to do but to offer him one of my good Swede’s ship’s biscuits I had in my pocket. (...)
He had tied a bit of white worsted round his neck— Why? Where did he get it?
(...)a head that seemed to sleep at the top of that pole, and, with the shrunken dry lips
showing a narrow white line of the teeth, was smiling, too, smiling continuously at some endless and jocose dream
of that eternal slumber.
Thank you!
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