Enhanced Memories

This series in an experiment in bringing together Polaroid photography and line-drawing.

I was an only child until I was 13, when my little brother Maks was born. Being on my own most of the time, I would become a storyteller. I loved animals and read massive amounts of books about cats, dogs, guinea pigs, horses, lions, dinosaurs, etc. I would imagine them as my companions, each with a story to tell.
I'm 23 now. The animals of childhood are evolving into symbols. They're portals back into childhood, when the excitement of being able to draw was overwhelming.
Winning third place with a Borzoi
Visiting Richmond with a Chaffinch
Birthday Festivities with a Guinea Pig
Running with the Wolves
Birthday Flowers with a Butterfly
Gephyrophobia with a Lynx and Sishir
Dancing with a Cobra
Being Bowie with a Goldfish
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